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Mexico Public Holidays 2013 Calendar

Mexico will enjoy 12 public, national, and bank holidays in 2013. Of these 12 holidays only 8 are observed nation-wide, the other 4 are Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and All Souls’ Day, which are observed only by banks, the fourth holiday Battle of Puebla Anniversary is observed only by Government institutions. Public holidays which might fall on a weekend are not moved to another day and are to be observed on that date. Unlike many countries, in Mexico, Christmas presents are exchanged on Dia de los Santos (Feast of Epiphany Day) January 6. There are more holidays widely celebrated such as Carnival and Día de los Fieles Difuntos (Day of the Dead), but they are not official state holidays.

We hope that you will enjoy your 2013 Luxembourgian holidays, and remember to book for hotels or flights in advance for a cheaper bargain, since last min bookings can go really high.

Here is a List of Mexican Public Holidays 2013 Calendar


New Year’s Day – Año Nuevo
Tue 1/Jan/2013

Constitution Day – Día de la Constitución
Mon 4/Feb/2013

Benito Juárez’s Birthday – Natalicio de Benito Juárez
Mon 18/Mar/2013

Maundy Thursday – Jueves Santo
Thu 28/Mar/2013 (Only Banks)

Good Friday – Viernes Santo
Fri 29/Mar/2013 (Only Banks)

Labour Day – Día del Trabajo
Wed 1/May/2013

Battle of Puebla Anniversary (Fifth of May) – Cinco de Mayo
Sat 5/May/2013 (Only Government)

Independence Day – Día de la Independencia
Mon 16/Sep/2013

All Souls’ Day – Día de los Fieles Difuntos
Sat 2/Nov/2013 (Only Banks)

Revolution Day – Día de la Revolución
Mon 18/Nov/2013

Change of Federal Govt (Presidential Inauguration Day) – Transmisión del Poder Ejecutivo Federal
Sun 1/Dec/2013

Christmas Day – Navidad
Wed 25/Dec/2013

Disclaimer: Please note that due to last minute change in public holidays, we can not and will not be held responsible for any error or change in the above Luxembourgian 2013 public holidays calendar. In-order to confirm the above calendar, we advise you to find and contact the Embassy or consulate of Luxembourg.

Wish you a happy and pleasant Mexican holidays 2013 :)


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