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Semana Santa 2013 – The Holy Week in Spain 2013

The Event of Semana Santa in Spain

A very special time of the year to experience Spanish religious traditions is with no doubt during the Semana Santa, the Holy Week. Processions are held to commemorate the last week in life of Jesus Christ, his crucifixion and the resurrection.

Eye catching robes, the so called nazarenos differ from each brotherhood, but likely consist of a long tunica and a conical hood covering the faces of the participants, who carry candles or wooden crosses, sometimes walking barefoot with shackles and chains on their feet as sort of penance.

Famous celebrities are able to attend the processions in disguise; Antonio Banderas, who regularly returns to his home town Malaga at this special time of the year, is a true supporter of the Semana Santa stating “I deeply love Easter. I find it as a way of relating to my spiritual side, with the traditions and art. This is for me the return to my roots”

When and where is Seman Santa in Spain

When: It is a mysterious and unforgettable event taking place in the evenings from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, which is from March 24th till the 31st, 2013; the most spectacular ones are certainly those on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

Where: Especially in southern Spain, in Andalucía, the Semana Santa is an event of great importance; Malaga can look back on a 500 year old religious tradition; Seville is famous for its pasos – huge painted wooden sculptures, representing the scenes in the last days of Jesus Christ and the grief of Virgin Mary. In Granada there are more than 30 cofradías – the brotherhoods, organising the processions, carrying statues which date back to the 14th century.

Make sure to book your hotel in advance; this time of the year is considered to be high season, as this religious event is attracting a huge amount of visitors.

Enjoy the Spanish Semana Santa!! Disfrute de la Semana Santa en España :)



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