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Thai Colors & Markets

Thailand Colors promenades the vast floating markets that are a Thai tradition. Of the four floating markets in Bangkok, the largest and the busiest is the Damnoen Saduak market. Each morning from 6 AM to 11 AM small boats loaded with spectacular assortment of tropical fruits and vegetables converge to sell their products. Much of it comes from orchards nearby for people with little or no access to main roads the four floating markets in Bangkok are vital. There is also a huge tourist attraction, the vendors carry almost anything under the sun, toys, clothe, and the finest silks. Early morning visitors have access to the best items and are often done with their shopping before the crowds arrive.  Some purists might stay away, but throng of tourists still crowds the markets everyday. In contrast to the early morning bustle of the Bangkok’s floating markets, the Pak Klong Talad flower market offers its vast array of its colorful blooms 24 hours a day. Bouquets of colorful baby roses, carnations, posies and other assorted blossoms are all on display. Orchids are favorite in the market place, fortunately Thailand’s climate of high humidity and high temperatures making it the perfect place for cultivating orchids.

Thai Orchids

Today the Thai orchid industry has become one of the largest exporters in the world, feeding a growing market of orchid breeders and enthusiasts. 35000 orchid varieties are cultivated here with new varieties being produced daily, that’s nearly half of the natural and man made varieties known to exist. World wide orchids are prized by botanists, hobbyists and collectors. Orchids are but one agricultural export helping to drive the Thai economy. The tropical climate and terrain in Thailand are ideal in growing other crops that are in high demand throughout the world.

Thai Rice & Flavors

As in most other Asian nations, rice is the stable of the Thai diet and Thailand is the largest rice exporting nation. 65 miles north of Bangkok is Sari Buri with its vast rural views. Throughout the country side there are fields of rice, coriander and many of the other ingredients that give Thai food its unique flavor. Its unforgettable fragrance is only achieved by the farmer’s painstaking and persistent attention to the crop. If left unchecked the border snails could devastate the rice patties in just a few days, so a good part of the farmer’s day is spent weeding out these pests. If rice is the stable of Thai diet then fresh coriander is the work horse of Thai cooking. Coriander or cilantro as better known in the west is used in almost all Thai cuisine. Nakhon Ratchasima 160 miles northeast of Bangkok is home to many thriving coriander farms. The delicate aroma of fresh coriander hovers in the air. Thai cooking is known for its aromatic sauces, and the chili peppers is often the critical ingredient behind the complex mix of tropical tastes and blended spices that define Thai cuisine. Many national cuisines centers on basic food stocks, the Italians have marinara, the Japanese Miso, and the Thai Nam Prik, Nam Prik is a chili paste made from eleven different ingredients including red onion, kaffir lime, garlic, dried chili peppers, ginger, fresh chili pepper, salt, lemon grass, green pepper and Thai pepper. Samut Songkhram, 65 miles southeast of Bangkok, is Thailand’s smallest province; Thailand’s most famous Nam Prik factory is located here along the banks of the Mae Klong River. The women there take great pride in producing a Nam Prik that they consider the best in Thailand as one of their secrets is the natural salt found there which tastes better and stay fresh longer. The Nam Prik made in this region is based on an ancient recipe using only fresh natural ingredients. Depending on the amount requested is could take one to two weeks to complete an order. The people of Samut Songkhram are also working to develop an over seas market for their home made Nam Prik. It is possible that the cheerfulness of the workers contributes to the sublime taste of there Nam Prik, or perhaps true happiness is the spice of life after all.

Wish a warm and colorful Thai visit :)

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